We will answer all of your questions and doubts about Glassman Project.
[toggle title=”What does the Glassman project consist of?”]The Glassman project is an innovative project based on Google Glass and development which is discrete and recorded naturally without crew. Glassman has the ability to shoot with its eyes, it´s real and not imaginative. Glassman makes appointments with the girls which always end in happy endings. You will be able to experience, seduction, excitement and strive to be conquered. However, remember that they all want the same from you.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Who is glassman?”] Glassman is you, your eyes, your sensations, your feelings. Thanks to Google Glass you can experience real dates from a first hand experience.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How can I contact Glassman?”] You can send an email to our contact form for any doubts and questions that you might have you can email us! If you want to be the protagonist or one of Glassman’s dates, we are are waiting for you![/toggle]

The GlassMan Project