The Project

Experience the reality and live it first-hand with Glassman. The Glassman project is not imaginary, Glassman is reality. You will never have been seduced in this way before. Get carried away with diverse adventures, with different girls in exciting places. This is an experimental project to get the most out of the already known about Google glass that is yet to come. With our own glasses we explore and focus on the video function of this new gadget, experimenting the advantages of shooting an erotic scene unnoticed, and of course hands free. It is a new and revolutionary way of bringing porn to the streets, public spaces and corners so far unexplored.

The Glassman project gives you the opportunity to experience real dates, in any place at any time. To feel first-hand these dates in a restaurant, an afternoon of shopping or a walk on the beach. Nerves, sexual tension and intrigue, how will this date end? All of these emotions are inside you and now you can experience them first-hand with Glassman.

The Glassman project is developing under the umbrella of technological evolution that allows high quality recording from devices that go unnoticed, based on Google Glass but with the advantage of having discreet glasses so nobody knows.

Glassman allows you to record more intimate moments without having to hold any recording device in your hand. Glassman seeks authenticity, spontaneity away from scripts, fictional scenarios and technical teams specific to filming. Because of this we are looking for natural, outgoing and inhibited girls. But most of all we want fun girls who are capable of seduction with once glance.

Live the reality through the Glassman Project. And remember that Glassman can be at your side, at any time in any place. Stay tuned.

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The GlassMan Project